Still Hiring!

If you’ve heard about this project and came here hoping to see some goofy videos, you can check them all out (and some, I should write, are so well done, they’re hardly goofy at all) on the YouTube channel, MechanicalOlympics.

If you were hoping to make a video and participate as an Olympian, then you just made my day. All you have to do is sign up with Amazon to become a part of the Mechanical Turk workforce. Then search for HITs with the word, “YouTube.” You’ll see a group of available HITs by requester, “Mechanical Olympics.” Choose one or two that you like. Accept the job. Make your video, and submit the YouTube link back to the form on Amazon. Voila. You even get paid!

A recently submitted video that I’ve been enjoying is this submission for the Track and Field Hurdles competition: