Mechanical Olympics Signage

Dear Mechanical Turk Elastic Workforce,

Thank you for participating in the Mechanical Olympics! Please remember to download and print this file: mechanicalolympics-sign

Fill in the area with a number and a country as was requested in your instructions. It should look something like the following image when you are wearing it. 


Don't forget to wear the Mechanical Olympics Sign!

Don't forget to wear the Mechanical Olympics Sign!

Have fun!

Recorded Songs for the Opening Ceremony of the Mechanical Olympics

To open the Mechanical Olympics, three videos have been purchased from Mechanical Turk Human Intelligence Task workers. The first, posted on July 16th is by a Canadian with the screen name, Suvo:

Two more have been commissioned and will be posted within the next week, in time for August 8th. If you are part of the Mechanical Turk elastic workforce and have recorded a song, post the URL to your YouTube video as a comment to this entry.