Winners & Medalists!

The Olympic Closing Ceremonies have concluded in London so it is now time to announce the official winners of the 2012 Mechanical Olympics, as follows:

The Gold Medal Winner is Mechanical Turk Worker Appuceles’ Obstacle Bike Racing video, which collected 14 likes:

The Silver Medal Winner is Mechanical Turk Worker Atkilby’s Team Dancing video, which collected 12 likes:

The Bronze Medal Winner is Mechanical Turk Worker Horthans’ Hand Puppet Decathlon, which collected 7 likes:

The general public competitors as a whole lost to the Mechanical Turk workers. The award for best general public video goes to Paul and Chris for their Synchronized Tubing video, which collected 2 likes:

The general public’s Synchronized Swimming and Stop the Mop videos receive honorable mentions for winning polls on the Mechanical Olympics blog.

Thank you to all of the Mechanical Olympics athletes for their creative and inspiring videos. Please join the email list if you would like to receive announcements about the Mechanical Olympics 2014!

Synchronized Swimming vs. Mechanical Olympics Swimming

Throughout the 2012 Olympics a variety of polls will be posted here for you to vote on a favorite video created by a member of the general public or a Mechanical Turk Worker. The second poll pits “Synchronized Swimming” against “Mechanical Olympics Swimming.”



Which video deserves the gold medal—Synchronized Swimming by the general public or Mechanical Olympics Swimming by a Mechanical Turk Worker?

  • Synchronized Swimming (100%, 1 Votes)
  • Mechanical Olympics Swimming (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 1

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